BROSA. Quality by Nature.

Our commitment is always to offer high quality products. That is why we are endorsed by the most prestigious protocols that guarantee the highest quality, freshness and flavor of all our products. We promote the development of initiatives that allow a high efficiency of the resources while minimizing the environmental impact of our activity. Reducing waste levels, maintaining biological diversity and conserving ecosystems are our top priorities.


In addition, we are aware of the new challenges that we face, for that reason and to respond to the needs of our customers, our company is in a constant process of improvement where innovation, research and development of new products provide us the added value needed to be competitive.


If something defines us, it is our ability to adapt. Being aware of market trends, as well as knowing the needs of our consumers and customers is essential for us. That is the reason that has led us to expand our range of vegetables with organic production. The new line offers products obtained from controlled and certified organic farming methods.





Our company is working on several Ecodesign measures focused on the reduction of wrapping and packaging of our products looking for more sustainable alternatives such as the use of recycled, biodegradable materials, as well as the elimination of superfluous containers that do not add value to the product and generate unnecessary waste. Our priority: packaging that respect the nature.






We are part of the Biodegradable Padding Operating Group. The objective of this project is to improve the competitiveness of farms in intensive agriculture in the Region of Murcia by developing techniques that optimize the degradation in the field of biodegradable plastics in a synchronized manner with the end of cultivation, reducing the presence of pieces of plastics in the process of degradation that may affect the following crops or nearby plantations.






Campo de Lorca has adhered to the Zero Residues project together with the distribution. For this, it is implementing procedures and methods of work in the fields and warehouse in order to differentiate the Zero Residues production in the different points of the distribution chain. The Zero Residues technique combines the use of biopesticides with low impact chemical products, using the latter only when necessary. It is considered a production model halfway between organic production and conventional production.






BROSA is a brand committed to the environment. Therefore, during the broccoli production process we use criteria of sustainable development, promoting a rational use of natural resources to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems. To achieve these objectives, we work to raise awareness among our human team, making them participants in the implementation of new improvements such as; recycling practices for generated waste, recovery and conservation of natural spaces and reduction of pollution.