We provide equal opportunities for everyone

At Campo de Lorca we are committed to social integration, so we help young people to find their first job and we use the same employment criteria for men and women, no matter where they are from. In summary, we support and encourage employment without discrimination.


We believe in equality between people. We strive to attain equal opportunities regardless of the gender, sexual orientation, age or ethnic background of all our employees, always favouring their social integration.


Since January 1st 2014 a new equality plan has been established at Campo de Lorca. We believe which is very important to be aware about this plan. We are creating an environment ensuring equal treatment of all our employees without discrimination and stamping out bullying and harassment in the workplace.


Another of the companie’s remarkable achievement is that we are affiliated to the United Nations Global Compact  dedicated to promote social dialogue in order to create global corporate citizenship.

All the member companies, within the sphere of influence, support and follow a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

A modern company which is composed of united of individuals to get the best results


We are fully aware that people represent the essential key to our success. Thanks to them our organisation is able to maintain a high level of quality in the products we offer.

The satisfaction of our employees is a key element in our business management. Through the constant involvement of the management-team and continuous dialogue with our employees we guarantee a healthy and safe workplace. Continuous improvement of our company is one of the main principles of our success. We have qualified workers in all areas and ensure continuous training is available in order to improve working conditions and creating the best possible working environment.