The land and the murcian climate make this region a privileged area for agriculture with murcian products being recognised internationally for their quality

The absence of extreme temperatures, and the existence of several microclimates allow us to supply our customers throughout the entire year.

The challenge of providing our customers with produce 365 days a year is today a reality. We are able to offer them this availability and guarantee production and supply any time of the year.


Lorca is a Spanish city of the Region of Murcia, situated in the Southeast of Spain. Is the third most important city in the Region after Murcia and Cartagena, with over 92.000 inhabitants.

Lorca was established beside the Guadalentin river (in Arabic, river of clay) situated in the arid but dry valley of the same name. Nowadays agriculture depends on water from the Tajo river which crosses the centre of Spain.An extensive network of irrigation canals which covers the district was introduce by the Arabs in the Middle Ages.