We invest in the improvement of our society

We are a company bound to the land in which we grow our products and committed to the people who make this possible.

We value the hard work of our employees and endeavour to acknowledge their efforts and make them feel appreciated. We are also committed to our social environment, and that´s why we collaborate with different social projects. Some of the social projects in which we participate and which are promoted by Proexport, +Brócoli and 5 al día are:


Fruticoles: An school based activitie action which aims to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially, among children and young people.


Agrointegra: An initiative to promote the integration of groups at risk of social exclusion (disabled, foreign people, etc.)  in the workplace.


We Care You Enjoy: A European campaign to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables locally produce in Europe and, more especially, in Spain.

we care

 Piensa en ti (Look after yourself): A Spanish campaign which consists on labelling broccoli pieces with the information about the nutritional benefits of this vegetable.




We promote a healthy lifestyle and participating in sport by:

Sponsorship Territorial Archery Championships.

Sponsorship of regional and local sports clubs, for instance La Hoya C.F. or the team from Puebla de Don Fadrique.

Sponsorship Paddle Tennis Tournaments in Lorca.


We promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables from Murcia and Almería through sponsorship of Gastronomy Days in our region and Almería, with a focus on  broccoli and artichokes, one of the main crops in these areas.


Agreements with public institutions such as the Murcia University and Príncipe de Asturias High school providing the students the possibility of training with our company and starting their professional career.

Solidarity auction whose protagonists are pieces of art with our seven main products. All the proceeds have been donated to the Red Cross and, more specifically, for school meal grants.

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