Sweet pulp and crunchy texture: The best option at the greengrocers

Sun and humidity:The perfect combination to grow this variety

A top quality fruit which is produced exclusively in Murcia and Almeria

Premium quality broccoli
365 days a year

Freshly cut and packaged to be consumed with maximum freshness

We are specialists in growing the best varieties of cauliflower

Our land: A privileged environment for artichoke


We are fortunate enough to be able to grow our crops in a privileged environment that ensures the best quality of our products

Cieza Farm
Ascoy (Murcia)

Cieza Farm
Ascoy (Murcia)

Total area: 60 Ha Mild climate (Altitude 600m) Farm dedicated to melon production.

Casablanca Farm
Puebla de Don Fadrique (Granada)

Casablanca Farm Puebla de Don Fadrique (Granada)

Total area: 90 Ha Cool Climate (Altitude 1200m) Farm specialised in summer broccoli.

Cancarix Farm
Cancarix (Albacete)

Cancarix Farm Cancarix (Albacete)

Total area: 80 Ha Cool Climate (Altitude 800m) Farm suitable for all kind of vegetables.




Finca Castillo
Totana (Murcia)

Castillo Farm Totana (Murcia)

Total area: 80 Ha Warm climate (Altitude 300m) Farm dedicated to broccoli and melon production.

La Trota Farm
Totana (Murcia)

La Trota Farm Totana (Murcia)

Total area: 55 Ha Mild Climate (Altitude 400m) Farm suitable for all kind of crops.

La Providencia Farm
Antas (Almería)

La Providencia Farm Antas (Almería)

Total area: 30 Ha Extra Warm Climate (Altitude 70m) Farm specialised in artichoke production.