Respecting the environment: our main commitment

Premium quality and guaranteed Food Safety

We work while respecting the flora and fauna of our farms

We strive to continually improve and develop our products


We are a company committed to innovation and sustainable development

Innovation is part of our strategy and our commitment, that’s why we strive for continuous improvement of our facilities and our products. We are currently focusing our R&D on four projects:


1) The construction of new facilities


We are working on the extension of our facilities, all equipped with the best and latest   technologies to make our production more efficient.



2) New developments




Pumpkin is a crop well suited to our area and climate. Its great suitability provides us with longer harvesting periods, difficult to achieve elsewhere.





We offer a different way to purchase aromatic herbs used for cooking. We distribute them in small pots. This allows our consumers to buy them in a natural state.




The new line BIO of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage will be available at the beginning of 2015.

The bio products have a positive impact on the environment with respect to water quality, soil fertility and protection of biodiversity and natural resources.




We are introducing a new product in our portfolio: Kale cabbage. This cabbage belongs to the subfamily of Oracea Brassica, and it produces as many benefits on human health as broccoli. In addition, it is a vegetable soft in taste and with a really good adaptation to our growing areas.


3) Test fields


We have 3 test fields farms for developing  new varieties of crops and cultivation techniques. A specialised team is responsible for researching into new materials, containers and packaging.



4) Educational agreements and collaboration with public bodies


At Campo de Lorca we are committed with our social environment. For this reason, we are members of  organisations such as Proexport and +Broccoli.







The association of producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables in the Region of Murcia. This association promotes exports within the fruit and vegetables sector.







An association that promotes broccoli consumption in our country.



Furthermore, we work together with IMIDA, the Food and Agricultural Development and Research Murcian Institute, researching new Artichoke varieties.